Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rick Perry In First Place According to Rick Perry Supporters

                                              "BACK the FUCK away from the podium."
A recent Gallup poll showed that, among Rick Perry supporters, Rick Perry garnered nearly 100% of the support for this upcoming GOP Primary.

"This really is a strong indicator of our forward momentum," said Charles Longbladder, CEO of Merck industries and manager of the Perry Campaign. "Rick Perry is the choice for America, and I think that Americans are starting to accept that." The full results of the Poll is below:

If the GOP primary was tomorrow, who would you vote for?

  1. Rick Perry                99%
  2. Mitt Romney             0%
  3. Ron Paul                   0%
  4. Michelle Bachmann  0%
In a similar poll conducted a few weeks ago among non-Rick Perry supporters, Rick Perry was only able to maintain around 20% of the vote. This is a marked increase and represents the surging of his campaign. 

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  1. Rick, you're a dirty politician like all the rest. Ron Paul will put you in your place. You better start rigging those polls come next year.